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230 1/2 Pueblo Ave.
Colorado Springs, CO 80903

order by phone: 719-964-1461

"Onion Fried Hamburgers,
Hand cut fries & Coney's"

The Green Line Grill   |   230 1/2 Pueblo Ave.   |   719-964-1461       Design by Studio Novi

Chef Bobby Couch brings the taste of central Oklahoma to the Green Line Grill with the world famous El Reno-style Onion 'Fried' Burger.  The Onion 'Fried' Burger had its start during the dark days of the Dust Bowl in the central Oklahoma town of El Reno.  It was a creative and delicious blend of hamburger and onions that was both tasty enough and inexpensive enough to feed a family or a couple out for a night on the town.  The inventive cooks also came up with an equally tantalizing sweet-mustard slaw now known as El Reno Slaw.  As those days waned, the popularity of the onion 'fried' burger did not and the tradition has continued right up to the present day. Chef Bobby learned his craft in the Mecca of the Onion 'Fried' Burger world  -  El Reno, OK!  So come sit a spell, and enjoy a tasty piece of American history at the Green Line Grill. Chef Bobby will be glad to have ya...

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